Fantastic Forex Code which finally unlocked the back door of Forex...The "Fibonacci Mystery" will tell you exactly when a global trend reversal points in advance. This tool provides the most profitable signals that you have ever
seen... Never lose money again!

The Fibonacci Mystery is a brand new (Dec 2012) complete package Forex software-tool that will show you where to enter a trade, where to exit  and where to put a stop loss. You don't need to study Fibonacci numbers - everything will be automatically printed "in easy language" on your chart and popup alerts!

Update: added Dec 6th, 2012
 ~ REALTIME Dec 6th SCREENSHOT ~ 3 trades - all in profit!

pdate: added Dec 5th, 2012
 ~ PLAY LIVE VIDEO HOW IT WORKS ~ 3 trades +106 pips  

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The "Fibonacci Mystery" Is No Magic -- The Fibonacci levels are proven and tested, and now they are all right here...yours for the taking! Keep reading to discover exactly how to create a huge DAILY income by making a killing from the market REGARDLESS of whether it goes up or down!

   Get the most wanted key to trading - Fibonacci!

It is so simple, yet so powerful, that now anyone can use it to profit EVERY DAY from Forex with little or no experience.
100-200 pips daily can be yours!

In my opinion this is the safest and most profitable way of trading ... that's a fact!

The Fibonacci Mystery is among the worlds best software systems ever made and is completely based on the magical Fibonacci numbers that are classed as a miracle being used in forex. Now you can win in forex whenever you choose to, in an automated, simple but yet so powerful way never seen before. This amazing tool can really dazzle in forex due to the power of Fibonacci numbers which themselves cannot miss. The Fibonacci numbers and formula go back hundreds of years and have been astounding the math, science and art communities of the world throughout that time.

The Fibonacci numbers have even been used in architectural feats like the pyramids and now available
in simple to use automatic software mode!

The Fibonacci Mystery’s prediction capabilities are beyond any imagination limit and now you can be among the most successful traders around the world. Just bear in mind that we are not talking about a system that will randomly give you probabilistic and often inadequate solutions but instead a system that that will know in advance certain facts such as when you should trade for either buy or sell or even when to place a stop loss or exit a particular trade. Now you can easily generate up to 200 pips every day as easy as ever in the most automated and consistent way. Just bear in mind that this is not some kind of joke, but instead the most effective and robust technique that has ever been used in forex that this unique system itself actually implements, the powerful “Fibonacci numbers”. The most amazing mathematical method that is extremely powerful in trading and barely known how to be used. Trust me traders, this time you cannot miss and that’s guaranteed.

When this method is applied to the forex trading markets, patterns have developed that can be used to make smart trades even better and help you avoid bad trades making you a more successful trader. Fibonacci formed his numbers from a sequence, but for the financial use they have been converted using a ratio method and instead are used in a decimal form, including.236,.50,.382,.618, etc. Traders are able to benefit from this because of the nature of the market and the patterns that develop in regard to the resistance and support level of the charts.


Yep, my Fibonacci software is almost the holy grail. Why almost? The reason is that the holy grail doesn't exist.. :)

You don't have to study and understand Fibonacci at all - it is all done by the software!

The Fibonacci Mystery is my most independent system that I use on a daily basis for making profit in the market. Without it, I would feel totally lost and definitely couldn’t cope in forex. I can assure you that it’s something you have never experienced before in your whole trading career and that’s guaranteed. The power of Fibonacci numbers is now available for you to use in that amazing Fibonacci Mystery tool which uses the power of mathematics in order to get you as close as possible in making the most accurate market predictions.

Yes, that’s right, you heard that correct and now you can take this for granted every day in your life and thus never be disappointed in forex again. That’s guaranteed.

Fibonacci sequence or otherwise known as the Fibonacci numbers is the most popular mathematical technique applied in a wide number of areas around the world including biology, art, music, architecture and eventually forex. This brilliant technique involves a sequence of numbers in a row starting from zero followed by 1. The next number after 1 and every number followed sequentially in the row is calculated by adding the previous 2 numbers. The sequence goes like this 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55 and so on. Now you may ask however how can this be such an effective technique in forex.

What makes Fibonacci Numbers so effective in trading?

Being able to calculate each number’s ratio in a row is known as Fibonacci ratios and is extremely powerful in forex. Why? Those ratio numbers themselves are the same numbers (levels) that are used in the forex and stock markets for carrying out a consistent technical analysis. Therefore, using these numbers for technical analysis can be quite complicated and extremely difficult to achieve. With the Fibonacci Mystery you now don’t have to understand  the Fibonacci series.. Multiple Calculations for carrying out technical analysis including memorizing stuff is no more needed. Due to the Fibonacci Mystery's  amazing ability, everything is now automated. This magical tool will do absolutely everything for you including counting and drawing levels leaving you with an extremely easy to use experience.

Why it is so special? Why do you need this new Fibonacci software? The major trading problem solved - nearly zero false signals! It makes day trading profitable like never before..

Can you imagine doing that manually?

 The "Fibonacci Mystery" will do it for you!
Fibonacci now is Easy to follow... All is Automatic!
 As simple as if 2+ 2 = 4..


Trust me, but this is the PERFECT software system that will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to make the most out of it in forex

Getting hold of a software tool based on the powerful mathematical Fibonacci numbers cannot miss. Trust me traders but that’s a miracle in trading. With Fibonacci Mystery you get to trade differently in the most consistent way never applied before. Now everything is automated via the software itself including counting and drawing levels so that there’s absolutely nothing left for you to do.

The Fibonacci Mystery is by far the best forex tool you have ever seen as it will tell you everything you need to know in advance so that you can make a profit in forex. Knowing with such accuracy each price future hitting levels is absolutely beyond any trader’s expectations and most definitely a much more profitable way of trading compared to any other amateur techniques previously used. Can you actually believe that you can now know when to exactly buy or sell or even where to place a stop loss including exiting a particular trade? With the brand new amazing Fibonacci Mystery it is now a piece of cake. Everything is performed in an extremely automated way that has never been easier for you to trade. Trust me traders but this is really convenient and once you apply this unique system you will be blown away. That’s for sure.

The "Fibonacci Mystery" indicator does NOT repaint!

The new Fibonacci Mystery was actually designed bearing always in mind on how to simplify things for you in the most user-friendly way never seen before. There’s absolutely nothing new to learn here and all you simply have to remember is, Blue Arrow-buy, Red Arrow-sell. That’s not so difficult to remember at all is it?

 Now with the new amazing and absolutely unique Fibonacci Mystery you can trade in a completely consistent way whether you buy or sell. The perfectly designed functionality that comes embedded within this tool applies the unimaginably powerful Fibonacci numbers for counting and drawing levels. Now at each time you should buy a given currency pair, a green arrow will appear on your charts including printed special designed graphics notifying you of that action to be taken. The exact same process will also occur when you should sell a given pair. On that occasion a red arrow will show up on your chart, again indicating the action to be taken. This is absolutely stunning and I am sure never been easier in your whole trading career. However, with the world’s best system ever made there’s more….

You can now enjoy all these magic benefits of the Fibonacci secrets WITHOUT having to watch the market…. AMAZING!!!

Apart from the powerful and pleasant user experience that “arrows” functionality can achieve, there’ s indeed more. Now we have gone even further beyond any traders thoughts and beliefs and done something extraordinary. Now you can know exactly where a stop loss must be placed as well as when a particular trade must be exited. Special graphics within your charts will be printed each time either one of those operations must be carried out.

Can you actually realize what that means? Just bear in mind that most failures in forex are caused due to unknown stop loss operations and unknown trade exits.  For these exact reasons we have taken this into account and the new Fibonacci Mystery will now notify you exactly when you must perform either of those two operations by printing checkmarks on to your charts. That’s absolutely stunning.

The power of something so amazingly designed with such a sophisticated functionality being handed out to you so simple to apply and use it’s definitely not an everyday day experience in your life. That’s for sure. However we have now made this even more convenient and fully functional for you.  Now there’s no need to have to constantly watch the market. Forget all about being isolated in front of your PC in order to trade appropriately just because that’s the old fashion way you have learned. In the case where you won’t be around to constantly watch your charts; an automatic pop up alert including an email notification will be generated for you instantly so that you wont miss the trade ever again. Just go ahead and enjoy and yourself as our unique software will do all the work for you automatically either one way or the other. That’s absolutely fantastic, it really is!

Trading with Fibonacci Mystery is like having a PROFESSIONAL FX TEACHER by your side at all times who knows exactly what to do at each time step by step…. Take my word; you cannot miss, not this time anyway!!

I am pretty sure that you all been looking for the holly grail ever since you started trading in forex.  I mean who wouldn’t want to make easy money with the easiest most possible way? Just the thought of it alone sounds unreal.

Getting back to reality however, the holy grail does not exist and any rational trader would have realized that by now. The magical Fibonacci Mystery however, is the closest you can get to the holy grail dream that you so long been fantasizing for. I am not saying that you will become the next billionaire overnight but you will experience something that you never have before in your whole trading career.

Just bear in mind that you will no longer have any losses in forex and definitely will not experience any stress and anxiety at every time you trade. The Fibonacci Mystery unique trading way is sort of like having someone by your site at each time you trade who already knows the market outcome in advance. Don’t forget that the power of Fibonacci’s numbers applied within this amazing software is overwhelming.

Your own holy grail can now be acquired and that’s for sure.

The "Fibonacci Mystery" was tested and it is  AMAZINGLY PROFITABLE!

Any profit results will be quite impressive once you get your hands on this amazingly designed tool never seen before in the market. The Fibonacci Mystery was tested time after time in real world trading and never failed.  After an exhaustive testing period was carried out, results were absolutely stunning! It proved to have the highest success rate than any other forex tool previously applied in the market. I guarantee you that you will never fail in forex again.

Don’t forget that this unique system inherits its name from the famous Fibonacci numbers that is now implemented in forex and is amazingly profitable. This unique technique cannot be doubted in any way and that’s a proven fact. Trust me traders, this time you cannot miss. No more  uncertain trading and random guessing which might put your money at risk. The Fibonacci Mystery can now predict market movements in advance including any stop loss and exiting trades. In that way you can always succeed each time you trade no matter how experienced you are in forex. Try this one out and you will never be disappointed.

One of the world’s best tools in the forex market can do something extraordinary. Believe it or not, if you choose to watch the market there’s no more boring trading sessions or any complicated market analysis procedures that always tend to give you headaches. Now everything is done in an automated way by the software itself so that you can enjoy your trading time in the most pleasant and easy to handle way. The fabulous tool’s functionality allows you to trade in a unique and consistent way just looking at your charts. I guarantee you that once you get to see what this fabulous tool is capable of, you will be shocked and that’s a promise.

The Fibonacci Mystery is absolutely amazing in every possible aspect you could possibly think of. All you need to know in advance will be given to you so that you can always benefit from the market. I know this will sound hard to believe, but its powerful and sophisticated functionality requires no mathematical knowledge on your part whatsoever. Its unbelievably easy and fully functional by anyone to use so that you can now get the most out of the market no matter how experienced you are.  

Now you can accurately know when to buy and sell a given currency pair via the use of arrows. Additionally you can also know where to exactly place a stop loss and take your own profit by exiting the trade itself. Such action will be forecasted and printed as checkmarks within your charts. The reason for this is to make it less confusing so that you can no longer miss any trade ever again. Just remember, arrows for selling and buying and crosses and checkmarks for a stop loss and take profit. Simply bear in mind that all signals will be generated according the Fibonacci numbers which are a miracle being implemented in forex.

The SIMPLEST possible way of complicated Fibonacci numbers: Simple arrow shows where to enter, red cross shows a stop loss and green mark show exactly where to exit a trade according Fibonacci system!

The powerful functionality embedded within this tool itself is extremely unique. Why? Well firstly, something so powerful in nature must surely have a level of complexity one way or another. That’s for sure. Every well-experienced trader is fully aware of that including the fact that a well-designed tool takes time to be developed due to its sophistication procedures that need to be well designed and tested prior to its release.

Using the Fibonacci Mystery, despite its complexity level, you will get to experience something so powerful but at the same time so simple and easy. Unlike Fibonacci levels and calculations that most people find it so difficult to follow and understand, this amazing tool requires no mathematical knowledge at all. The way this powerful functionality is rolled out with this tool sounds as if it would be a dream. That’s really unbelievable isn’t it? Believe it or not, but the Fibonacci Mystery is actually considered to be the easiest to use tool in forex.

The "Fibonacci Mystery" has the HIGHEST market/trend prediction rate ever recorded in Forex trading… 

With the world’s best tool you no longer have to worry about risking your money in forex at every time you trade. The Fibonacci Mystery is considered to have the highest prediction rates ever recorded for predicting market movement. Due to its mathematical calculations carried out via the use of Fibonacci numbers is considered a miracle in forex. Any estimated stop losses and trade exits are now fully predicted in advance so that you will now get the most out of your trading. Can you actually believe that you can pretty much know everything in advance and thus never lose a trade again? That’s absolutely amazing.


An AVERAGE day trade sample:
50 pips per trade in just 4-5 hours!?

Here is a screenshot of the actual signals recently generated by the indicator:

15 minute timeframe - real signal points - November 27th, 2012


Apart from working with one of the most profitable tools in the world, the Fibonacci Mystery doesn’t require you to learn anything new. Everything (Fibonacci calculations) is now done automatically so that you wont have to worry about anything. Yes, you got that right, and any user both novice and professional can now benefit from this very exact reason. No matter what you now know and what you don’t about forex you can still make the most of it. Convinced enough?? But guess what? We didn’t stop there! With the Fibonacci Mystery we went even further and made it even more comfortable for you to trade with. No matter what trading platform you are using in forex now. This unique tool can be used with metatrader4 trading platform and any broker of your choice for even more pleasant trading experience. Is that easy! Don’t get me wrong but once you get your hands on the amazingly designed tool, you will be blown away. That’s a promise.

Yes, Fibonacci Mystery is really UNIQUE never under-estimate the power of magic Fibonacci math...

Every once and a while a revolutionary product comes along. The Fibonacci Mystery is considered to be a whole revolution in forex and here’s why. When it comes to producing something that is both powerful and sophisticated but at the same time extremely easy to use, then this can be classed as an art not just in forex but also in any kind of business. Just simply consider that designing something, which produces its results based on the most sophisticated math calculations cannot fail. All this powerful functionality is actually being handed out to you in the most easy and user-friendly way so that you will never fail again in forex. I think that’s absolutely fantastic.

 Now it works for anyone in a FEW SIMPLE steps

The Fibonacci Mystery is amazingly simple to start using right away. All you have to do is,


Simply pull up a chart

Wait for a signal to be generated either an arrow or Popup Alert with sound

Trade accordingly

Exit a trade where the software shows your take profit level - Make profit instantly

- Email alert with entry and stop loss levels, Email alert setup is below:


- Popup alert with entry and stop loss levels ( with sound! )

Get the Alerts directly to your computer or phone!


I think you should just go ahead and start making profits in the easiest way possible other than using the typical and unreliable forex tool including the deceiving indicators that once more let you down at each time you trade. Just bear in mind that trading carried out with Fibonacci Mystery has never been saferand long-term forex traders do indeed appreciate the advantages of Fibonacci numbers and are fully aware of how powerful and robust this really can be within the market itself.

Now whether you watch the market or not, it does not really make any difference. If and when you choose to watch the market, you can still make the most out of it in the most pleasant experience. This amazingly unique functionality handed out via Fibonacci Mystery will print at each time the appropriate special graphics within your charts for the right action to be followed of when to either buy or sell a particular given currency, or even where to place a stop loss including exiting a particular trade.  

The Fibonacci Mystery that:

Is extremely easy to use for anyone.

Can generate up to 200 pips on a daily basis.

Generates arrows within your charts of when to buy and sell.

   Generates checkmarks and crosses within your charts of where you should place a stop loss or exit a particular trade.

Works on any time frame, PC, laptop or smartphone...

Uses no analytics and calculations.

On the other hand however, If you choose not to watch the market at all, now you can instantly get a pop up alert including an email notification right on to your mobile phone or PC so that you will never miss a trade again. Just choose to be secure with your trades and thus extremely profitable at all times. In order to achieve that, you need something as reliable and robust as
Fibonacci Mystery is. Not a big deal. No matter how experienced you are now in forex, you can make profit in an unimaginably unique way like all professional traders do. That’s

Dear Traders:

Any Help and assistance is always offered from our part for any problems that might occur. Once a purchase is made you will instantly be emailed the software itself. Installation is extremely easy done in no time. Happy trading! You will absolutely love it!

I am very confident that you are going to absolutely love this product. If however you’re still not convinced with this amazing Super Trend Profit indicator you can now have your money back. I will offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.


  This is what you will get:

- Step by step User Guide (pdf)

- Full explanation - why the software is ultra-profitable .

- The software itself ( plug'n'play )

- The software in action screenshots

- Sample trades

- I will Help You - Promise!


Questions - Answers:

Q. Is that an upgrade of your old Fibonacci software, it looks familiar to me?

A. No! It is absolutely different Fibonacci software of 2011-2012 with special NEW features like Buy Sell Arrows, Take Profit Alerts, Email Alerts... never seen before automatic Fibonacci software

Q. What kind of signals will I get?

A. On average you will get 1-5 signals a day on a single pair- everything will be printed on your chart: buy or sell Arrows, stop loss, Take profit. Each time there is a signal (buy/sell, take profit..) you get a popup alert + email alert!

Q. What do I need to start using the "Fibonacci Mystery"

A. You need a basic computer and internet connection to use the system all information for setup is provided.

Q. What platform will the "Fibonacci Mystery" run on?

A. MT4

Q. How do I get the software?

A. Instant Download

Q. Does the system use a stop loss?

A. Yes - Stop loss is generated by the software automatically

Q. Can I run on a demo account before I risk my own money?

A. Yes of course, you can run on a demo account for as long as you like until you see that it is making you consistent profits, then you can switch to a real account.

Q. How much money do I need to start trading?

A. You can start with as little as $100 with some brokers, although we recommend a minimum starting amount of at least $250. We can recommend a broker to you.

Q. Do you provide support?

A. Yes we provide full support both with setting up and implementation of the system, money management issues, technical queries and general trading support.


Q. Are there any monthly fees for your system?

A. No there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one off purchase.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me


How Much Will You Pay For Such An
Invaluable, Trading Tool?

Frankly speaking, if I were to match my competitors in terms of pricing, I should be charging $250 and up for this piece of software. Even at this price, it's a real steal considering how time saving this will be for you in your trading efforts.

But I've decided to give beginners and those who do not wish to pay so much money upfront a chance to get started.

For a limited time only, my "Fibonacci Mystery" software is available for an unbelievable, exclusive price of $149.95 $97

At the price I'm selling it for, I'm hardly making enough to cover the developmental costs of this software. That's why I should rightfully be raising the price of this software by at least a hundred dollars to breakeven.

In other words, you simply can't go wrong by reserving your copy right here, right now.

You have a full 30 days money back guarantee. Use it for your day-to-day trades, make as much money as you want from it... and then decide whether it's right for you.

You have a whole month to test drive this software absolutely risk free... and in the unlikely event that you do not like it, simply request for a prompt and no questions asked refund. You receive a full refund of your money if this software does not work out for you.

I'm taking all the risk out of your paltry investment of $97 which has the potential to pay you back many times over.

Note from the author:

You have nothing to worry about. I am giving you my CAST IRON Guarantee. You can try this fantastic system for 30 days at no risk. If you do not find this system as splendid as I say, or you think that it doesn’t deliver as per promise, then you are free to claim the entire amount as a refund. Simply send us an email with your request and we will return the full amount, its that simple!

There are no hidden charges or subscription charges. All you pay is $97 and this is just a one-time cost to get lifetime stupendous returns! You get lifetime email support 24/5 from the best support team of traders. These people know Forex in and out and so, all your queries will be resolved to the fullest, within 12 hours.

You could attempt to learn this by trial and error on your own, but I assure you it will be a MUCH more costly "education" than the one I'm offering you today for a very reasonable price.  It cost me years of frustration, bad trades, and huge financial losses before I figured out the "secret" system. I've watched too many smart yet "uneducated" people lose their shirts in the stock market, and I don't want to see that happen to you. PLEASE... if you're going to invest your money anywhere, get my secret so you can avoid the pain. I'll show you everything - profits regardless of whether the market is going up or down...

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
No questions asked refund policy!
Full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy with this product!

Download Risk-Free For 30 Days!

For a limited time only - LAUNCH DAYS-, my "Fibonacci Mystery" software is available for an unbelievable, exclusive price of $149.95 $97


A membership to
"Fibonacci Mystery" can be ordered anytime!
 Even if it is 2 a.m. on Christmas day, you will still be able to receive instant
 access  to our members area where you can download
"Fibonacci Mystery".
This is a one-time fee only. You will never be re-billed.


24/7 Online Customer Support - One time payment - No hidden fees

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